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LeedsYoga Logo Mar 2012I’m pleased to announce new classes from the New Year. In addition to the Monday night Hatha course in Morley, at St. Andrews Church (moved from Fountain Primary) I am now taking bookings for Hatha yoga classes at Oaktree Studios in Dewsbury and an Astanga Class at Fountain Primary in Morley. Booking forms will be available shortly.

All the details are in the Class Location menu above.

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4 responses to New Classes

  1. Katie Siswick

    Hi there

    I’m looking to join a yoga group. Do you still take classes at St Andrews church? If so what time and how much?

    Many thanks

  2. Carol Sutton


    Do you have any spaces left at your morley locations? Also, what is the duration time per class. Please also advise of the cost.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Catherine

    Hi how do I book onto fountain street class?

  4. Yen Luong

    Hi, I want to join the toga classes in Morley. Can you let me know the prices and how to join?

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